6. Publication

The next day after patent submission at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland the results of the scientific research or development work are legally protected and they are safe to be published officially e.g. in a scientific magazine or presented at a conference.

5. Patent submission

Close cooperation is required between the authors of the patent and the patent attorney in defining patent specifications and patent claims. Depending on the level of progress in patenting process it takes a minimum of approx. 1-2 months for submission of the documents. This time might be extended due to the individual approach to each submission […]

3. UG patent attorney opinion

The UG patent attorney in cooperation with the TTO UG team performs a preliminary evaluation of the invention patentability. Once the project receives a positive feedback, an appropriate intellectual property rights protection protocol is implemented.

2. Project submission to the TTO UG

Submit your invention via Project submission form to TTO UG that will allow us undertake steps to protect intellectual property rights of the project. Patenting applies to: products and substances, methods and applications.

1. Invention

If you have developed a technical solution that simultaneously features: innovative approach; invention level; possibility of industrial application;