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UG innovative solutions for athletes mental training

UG innovative solutions for athletes mental training

University of Gdańsk established cooperation with Neuro Device Group Inc to perform pilot studies, implementation works and joint research and development work. Neuro Device Group Inc is a company that designs, constructs and equips research laboratories in the field of functional neuroscience. As part of the cooperation, a series of research studies on new mental training methods for athletes will be conducted to create a tool for training the imagination of people working with sport. On behalf of the University of Gdańsk, Dr Dagmara Budnik Przybylska and Dr Jacek Przybylski from the Department of Social Sciences (Institute of Psychology, Department of Sports Psychology) are responsible for designing and conducting the experiment, analyzing the results of the research as well as creating a scientific tool with expert knowledge support.

More information on Neuro Device Group Inc is available at: http://www.neurodevice.pl/

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